I help students and adults discover their ideal career path.

Uncover your natural abilities and aptitudes to gain clarity on a fulfilling & successful career.

Many people have difficulty finding their true calling.

Young man worried

Are you struggling with:

Confusion and indecision about choosing the right major or career path

Fear of making a wrong career choice

Uncertainty about which of your interests to pursue or what you'll be good at, making it challenging to pinpoint a direction

Frustration with your current job search or career trajectory

Finding a meaningful and fulfilling career that aligns with your values, personality, and desires for the future

I believe that unlocking your potential for a fulfilling and successful career should be easy.

Discover Your Natural Abilities, Aptitudes, & Gifts

Combine with Your Interests, Personality, Skills, & Values

Gain Clarity & Confidence to Move Forward

I work with:

Students and young adults (15-25) seeking career and major guidance
Parents looking to support their teen or young adult in choosing a fitting career direction & getting established in their careers
Mid-career adults seeking a more purposeful and satisfying career change
Moms reentering the workforce or looking for personal contribution opportunities in the empty nest season

I get it - choosing a career path is daunting.

I know you want to be a clear and confident decision-maker in your career. In order to do that, you need to understand your unique combination of natural talents, personality, and interests.

The problem is, most people are unclear about their natural abilities and overlook them. This leaves you feeling unsure and anxious about the future.

Everyone has a unique set of natural gifts, and I believe finding them should be fun and easy.

That’s why I utilize an objective, gold-standard aptitude battery made up of research-tested “puzzles” (rather than questions you have to answer) and other assessment tools combined with my expertise as a certified career and life coach.

Here’s how my approach is unique:

Holistic, Whole-Person Approach: Your career choice is about who you are and what motivates you.

Objective Assessment Leading to Custom Direction: Recognizing your unique combination of gifts and abilities.

Faith and Value-Based Guidance: Aligning your career with your deeper purpose and values.

You deserve a career that leads to success and fulfillment – I’d be honored to be your guide on the journey.



Jenny Larsen, M.A., MCS, GCDF

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Certifications & a Masters Degree

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Here's How It Works

Schedule a 15-Minute Clarity Call

Work With Me 1:1 to Uncover Your Natural Gifts

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Feel Confident in Your Career Direction

These are the 5 areas we explore to find your perfect fit:


“I am overjoyed about the possibilities in front of me!”

I loved working with Jenny. I learned things about myself I didn’t have a clue about. She opened my eyes up to all of these characteristics about myself and how I learn and what I’ll be good at! I loved how laid back working with her was and the fun it became. I would most definitely recommend working with her to anyone who needs career direction!

Hayden D.

College Student

Jenny did an amazing job…I have continued to think about her comments and the coaching she provided and everything seems to make so much sense. I have tried a number of career counselors and coaches over the last 25 years and nobody has been as helpful as Jenny.

Liz P.

Mid-career Professional

Working with Jenny was awesome. I was able to narrow down my major and now feel peace about my future and my abilities! Jenny is very passionate & talented at what she does. She was invested in me and what I was saying – I genuinely felt special and cared about during our time together! I loved the whole process & how it was organized. I would recommend her to anyone who wants some guidance for their future.

Mary H.

High School Student

I am overjoyed about the possibilities in front of me and believe I’ve identified the perfect fit for myself. I appreciate all you did in helping focus my vision and set this course into motion.

Chris T.

Young Adult

I wanted to find out more about my talents and abilities, and how I could work them into a career. I was thoroughly impressed with the information Jenny gave me. I learned things about myself and my interests that I never knew about. She is very friendly, approachable, nice, kindhearted, knowledgeable. I can tell she truly cares about my success.

Jonathan S.

Young Adult

The work we did changed my life – thank you!  I now love my job so much – it feels so NATURAL, which was the thing I was struggling with in my old job (constantly going against the grain and exhausting myself in the meantime). I’m doing really well in the job and getting lots of accolades…and I’m so content.

Lauren R.

Mid-career Professional

Don’t waste your precious time in an unfulfilling major or career.

Together, we’ll work one-on-one to uncover your natural gifts, so you can feel confident in your career direction.

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