A Letter to Parents of Students & Young Adults

I am so glad you are considering this step of investing in your child’s future. As a mother of five (two boys and three girls, all either in college or recently graduated from college), I can relate to how you may be feeling. You want your child, who is not really a child any more, to be successful, happy, independent, and motivated in school and at work. You want a future for them where they are able to support themselves, live responsibly, and find a career path that is rewarding.

I can help! I specialize in partnering with students and young adults to set them up for success. Through the assessment process, I am able to give them objective information about how they are uniquely wired and gifted, all from a consistently positive perspective. This information empowers them to make informed, effective decisions now and in the future. 

There is a world of difference between just thinking you are good at something, or hearing your parents tell you that you are good at something, and seeing in black and white that you are truly good at something. Along with the assessment process, I teach the universal career skills everyone needs to move forward with confidence into a successful future.

Most of my student and young adult clients fall into three general groups:

1) The Undecided: This individual is doing well overall, but just doesn’t know with certainty what major and career path is the best fit for them. Not wanting to waste tuition money and emotional energy on trial and error, they realize they don’t have all the information necessary to make the best decision about what they are going to enjoy doing long-term. For this group I am able to provide objective data showing how they are wired and gifted, so they are equipped to make effective decisions now and in the future and move forward with confidence.

2) The Discouraged: This person has started down a path, but has not had great success. This group is dealing with a fair amount of discouragement and frustration—both their own and their parents’. They may not be doing well in class or have not had success finding a job that’s fulfilling. They may just realize they do not like their current area of study or their work which had, at one time, been appealing. For this group assessing how they are wired and gifted reveals their most effective learning channels to lead to greater academic success and helps open new doors which lead to positive direction and renewed self-confidence.

3) The Disengaged: This group may seem the least motivated with their studies or future. They may prioritize hanging out with friends or playing video games ahead of focusing on their studies or looking for a job. For this group new motivation often grows out of discovering a clearer direction for their future with increased confidence that they truly can be happy and successful in the future.

One last thing, many students come to their first meeting just to be cooperative, so please don’t worry if you encounter resistance to participating in this process. I see that all the time, but these same students invariably leave with smiles on their faces.

I hope you will schedule your free, no obligation 15-minute phone consultation today. I look forward to discussing how I can partner with you to help set your student or young adult up for success!

All the best,

Jenny Larsen, M.A., MCS, GCDF
Master Career Specialist/Owner, 2:10 Consulting


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