Aptitude Discovery Package

"Aptitude" = a natural ability that makes it easy for you to do something well, a talent, an innate ability

The Aptitude Discovery Package is designed to give you objective information and clarity about your natural abilities, aptitudes, and giftedness to make informed career decisions. It includes direction about careers and majors, plus information and coaching to increase effectiveness in learning, leadership, and career development.

Aptitudes, in essence, are what you’ve been hardwired to do quickly, easily, and well, almost effortlessly. Aptitudes can be considered raw talents – natural abilities waiting to be harnessed and used. It is essential to have your aptitudes objectively assessed as it is only through the process of actually having to perform tasks or “worksamples” that you are able to truly determine which aptitudes you possess. Many times aptitudes are uncovered during the assessment process of which the client has been unaware.

Certain careers and classes will come more easily and be a more natural “fit” for you depending on your pattern of aptitudes. This fit will determine whether you love your work, or just get through your days.

Your aptitudes remain relatively stable throughout life, so they are the key factor in determining a direction that will give you the greatest satisfaction and success in your work, life, and education choices. It is most effective to determine your aptitudes before making any college and career decisions, but it is never too late.

Every aptitude creates a need – your aptitudes need to be utilized to avoid a general sense of dissatisfaction. This dissatisfaction often feels like a nagging sense that something is not right or is missing. This often becomes especially apparent as you get older.

The aptitude battery that I like to use is the Highlands Ability Battery. It is an online version of aptitude testing originally developed by Johnson O’Connor some 95 years ago. It consists of 19 short worksamples that clients actually have to perform to objectively assess their aptitudes, natural abilities, and giftedness. It has excellent reliability and validity, and yields the most helpful, practical information for applying the results.

There is a world of difference between just thinking you are good at something, or hearing your parents, friends, or spouse tell you that you are good at something, and seeing in “black and white” that you are truly good at something. The process is truly empowering.

It cannot be stressed enough that it is incredibly important to have objective information about your aptitudes when you are making career decisions, and there is no comparison to actually having to perform worksamples to find out objectively what your aptitudes are. Often, I uncover aptitudes that have been overlooked, underutilized, and undeveloped. And making even small changes to incorporate tasks that utilize the unused aptitude(s) into your work or personal life can make a huge difference in your overall career satisfaction.

Learn more about the Highlands Ability Battery. 

Included in the Aptitude Discovery Package:

  • Two and a half (2.5) total hours one-on-one interactive discussion time and application-focused coaching – one 2-hour meeting to explain and interpret the results and help you apply them to make effective education and career decisions and an additional half hour of follow up
  • Highlands Ability Battery (objective natural ability and aptitude assessment composed of nineteen timed worksamples)
  • Personal Highlands Ability Battery Career Exploration Supplement (identifies careers to explore based on your aptitudes)
  • Personal Work Types
  • Comprehensive report interpretation
  • Manual dexterity and grip aptitude tests and color vision screening are available on request for clients meeting in our office
  • 63+ pages of personalized reports and individualized suggestions for careers, learning, & success strategies
  • Email follow up coaching series
  • Additional hours of one-on-one coaching, a custom Career Fit Evaluation Guide, and/or additional assessments are available separately. Details on optional upgrades can be found here.

Investment: one payment of $495, or two payments of $260

“I met with Jenny to determine my next best career path after staying home with my kids for 15 years. I took the Highlands Ability Battery and was surprised at the results! If I had known my natural abilities years ago as a young adult, I would have chosen different job opportunities! Instead I pursued jobs that I had an interest in at the time but were not good matches for my abilities and as a result, I experienced job dissatisfaction over and over again. Not anymore! I now am very clear on my best fit for a position and have the perfect career in mind that matches not only my abilities, but my interests and values as well. I am so grateful to have taken the HAB test and to have met with Jenny to determine my best fit. She is delightful to work with and gives you the gift of knowing yourself at a much deeper level so you can choose your life with greater clarity. Thank you Jenny!”

Karen S.

Adult Returning to the Workforce

Step-by-Step Process:

Step One – Purchase Aptitude Discovery Package

The first step is to purchase the Aptitude Discovery Package with a debit or credit card – click here to purchase. You can choose to make one payment of $495, or two payments of $260. If choosing the two payments option, the second payment will automatically be charged 30 days after the first payment. If you prefer to spread out your payments even more, that is handled through PayPal. They offer a no payments + no interest option if paid in full within 6 months. Please give our office a call if you’d like an invoice to pay through PayPal – 918-949-9006.

Step Two – Receive Welcome Email

Within one business day of making payment (but typically within a few hours), you will receive a welcome email with two important pieces of information: 1) your unique, one-use code and written instructions for taking the Highlands Ability Battery assessment, and 2) a link to schedule your two-hour feedback meeting to go over your results.

Step Three – Take Highlands Ability Battery (HAB)

The welcome email will include a unique code to take the Highlands Ability Battery online. You will use this code to register and create a username and password. The Highlands Ability Battery will take a total of 3-3.5 hours to complete, but does not need to be completed in one sitting. You will be able to log on and off using your username and password, so you can pace yourself and take the assessment at the time and place that works best for you. One thing to keep in mind is that it must be finished no later than 48 hours prior to the feedback meeting or we’ll need to reschedule – please choose a time for your feedback meeting keeping that timeframe in mind.

Step Four – Feedback Meeting/Debrief 

Your welcome email will also include a link to schedule your two-hour feedback meeting. I will go over all of your results, bringing them to life for you, helping you apply them to make effective education and career decisions. This meeting also includes information and coaching on how to move forward – recommended online sources for research, informational interviewing, networking, and job search strategies. I recommend that at least one parent be present for this meeting, whether by Skype or in person, for all clients 25 years of age and younger.

Step Five – Research, Informational Interviews, Processing Results

An essential step in the process is reading through and processing all of the results as well as researching online and through informational interviews. You will also receive an email coaching series to provide career development help on a variety of topics including job search, resumes, interviewing, networking, decision-making, and soft skill development.

Step Six – 30-Minute Follow Up Phone Call

After your feedback meeting, I will send an email with a link to schedule a follow up phone call. After you’ve had an opportunity to read through your reports, please schedule this 30-minute call, so I can answer any questions you have, and we can work on your action plan.

Step Seven – Upgrades, Hourly Coaching, and Group Coaching Available

Moving forward, I offer additional hours of one-on-one coaching, upgrades, and/or additional assessments, if more specific direction for careers is desired. Click here for more information on the upgrades. I meet with clients on an hourly basis for coaching, mentoring, interview preparation, and consulting on career-related topics and skill development. I also offer a group coaching program to help clients transition successfully to their best-fit careers by providing ongoing encouragement, support, and training.

*I have learned that a deadline is very motivating and helpful, so Steps One through Four of the Aptitude Discovery Package must be completed by one year from payment, or any difference between amount paid and current rate will be in effect to finish the process.

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