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While I customize my approach and the assessments I use for each individual, I have found that using a combination of the Highlands Ability Battery, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, the Strong Interest Inventory, and the Knowdell Career Values Card Sort exercise provides the most powerful and helpful results for my clients who are seeking specific direction in their careers and selection of college majors. All the assessments are considered the “gold standards” for their type of assessment and have excellent reliability and validity.

Here is the format of the process I typically use and customize as needed:

Step One – Purchase Best-Fit Discovery Package

The first step is to purchase the Best-Fit Discovery Package through our secure payment page. Please note that I always offer a $100.00 discount for the second, third, etc. members of your immediate family (sibling, parent, child, or spouse) that go through the Best-Fit Discovery (Total Assessment) process at the same time or at any time in the future – code will be given on the payment page. You can pay with a credit or a debit card and choose to make one payment or several. If choosing one of the payments options, subsequent payments will automatically be charged 30 days after the first payment. If you prefer to spread out your payments even more, that is handled through PayPal – they offer a no payments + no interest option if paid in full within 6 months. Also at time of purchase, as a special one-time bonus option, you will have the option of adding three months of the THRIVE coaching membership, including an additional 30-minute one-on-one follow up call, for only $39 additional. (This is an amazing bonus – if purchased separately, the three months + additional half hour call would be $192.)  More details of all that is included can be found here. Please email if you’d like an invoice to pay through PayPal.

Step Two – Receive Welcome/Directions Email

Within one business day of making payment (but typically much sooner), you will receive a directions email with three important pieces of information: 1) a link to schedule your first meeting to be held in person or by Zoom through my online scheduling system, 2) a link to the official Client Information Form I need you to fill out, and 3) a link to take your first assessment, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).

Step Three – Schedule First Appointment and Complete Assignments By No Later Than 48 Business Hours Before The Meeting

Step Three, Part One – Schedule Appointment

Click here to schedule your first appointment of the Best-Fit Discovery Package. This meeting will just be the client and Jenny Larsen one-on-one, whether by Zoom or in person by arrangement. (However we do request at least one parent be present at the second meeting, the feedback meeting, for all clients age 25 and younger.)

Step Three, Part Two – Return Client Information Form

As soon as you schedule, you will receive an appointment confirmation email that will contain a link to complete your official Client Information Form. You can also find the Client Information Form here. Please complete the form no later than 48 business hours prior to your first meeting, or the meeting will need to be rescheduled. (This means Monday meetings have a Thursday deadline, and Tuesday meetings have a Friday deadline.)

Step Three, Part Three – Take First Online Assessment

In the appointment confirmation email that you will immediately receive after you schedule, you will also find a link to take your first assessment online, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). The MBTI takes about 20 minutes to complete and also needs to be completed no later than 48 business hours prior to the first meeting, or the meeting will need to be rescheduled. (This means Monday appointments have a Thursday deadline, and Tuesday appointments have a Friday deadline.)

Step Four – First Meeting    

The first meeting will be two hours long, and the client and Jenny Larsen will meet one-on-one, either by Zoom or in person in the Tulsa office, by arrangement. During the meeting we will discuss and verify the results of the MBTI since it is a two-part assessment and discuss your goals, objectives, interests, and experience.

Step Five – Take Second, Third, and Fourth Online Assessments    

After our first meeting, we will email instructions for taking the three other online assessments/exercises, the Strong Interest Inventory, the Highlands Ability Battery, and the Knowdell Career Values Identification Card Sort. You can complete them all online at the time, place, and pace of your choosing. The Career Values Identification exercise takes approximately 5-10 minutes to complete, and the Strong Interest Inventory takes 20-30 minutes. The Highlands Ability Battery contains 19 worksamples that take a total of approximately 3 hours to complete, but not in one sitting. The battery goes very quickly because it is composed of a series of short games and challenges. It can easily be broken up into short segments over the course of several days or weeks, if preferred. Please note: all assignments must be completed at least 7 days prior to our second meeting, the feedback conference, or the meeting will need to be rescheduled.

Step Six – Second Meeting (Feedback Conference)    

Our second two-hour meeting is the feedback meeting, and I ask that at least one parent be present for all clients 25 years of age and younger. We will go over all the results and tie together all the information. You will receive a custom Executive Summary, a custom Career Fit Evaluation Guide, and a custom hand-selected list of 10-12 career paths along with over 175 pages of personalized reports and recommendations for career paths, learning strategies, and a plan of action. This meeting also includes training on how to research career options using recommended online sources and informational interviews. After the meeting I will email a short video recap of my key recommendations and the most important highlights. I also would love your feedback, so I can continue to improve my process.

Step Seven – Research, Informational Interviews, Processing Results  

My clients typically leave the feedback conference with at least three to six great-fit career path options that they are excited to investigate further. An essential step in the process is researching these paths online and through informational interviews and job shadowing to determine which option is the best-fit.

Step Eight – Follow Up

Follow up includes one 30-minute follow up phone call to be held within three months of the feedback meeting, a series of content emails to provide career development help on a variety of topics, and an option to add on my online coaching membership THRIVE which provides opportunities to continuously ask me questions, live coaching calls, training videos on a variety of career-related topics, ongoing support and encouragement, and access for all immediate family members, along with an additional 30-minute follow up call.

Step Nine – Hourly Coaching or Group Coaching

Moving forward, I meet with clients on an hourly basis for coaching, mentoring, interview preparation, and consulting on career-related topics and skill development. I also offer the THRIVE online coaching membership to help clients transition successfully to their best-fit careers by providing ongoing encouragement, support, and training.

*I have learned that a deadline is very motivating and helpful, so Steps One through Six must be completed by six months from payment, or any difference between amount paid and current rate will be in effect to finish the process.


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