Thank you!

I'm so glad you chose to move forward -
I really look forward to working together!

Next Steps:

 Look for two emails to arrive in your inbox within a few minutes of purchasing - one will be an invoice/receipt for payment, and one will be a thank you with next steps - they are both sent automatically from the software system.  If you do not see those emails land within 15 minutes, please check your junk or spam folder, then email to verify your correct email address.  Most of the time when the receipt and thank you do not immediately land the issue is a typo in the email address entered on the form when purchasing.

2. Very important - please add to your email contacts.  (Click my name in the From or Reply-To line in the Thank you email, then click "Add to Contacts" and mark me as a Favorite or Safe Sender.)  If you're a Gmail user, please move the Thank You email or any email from me that lands in your Promotions folder to your Primary folder.  After you move the email, Gmail will ask if you want to do that permanently - please say yes.  We want to be sure you get all the materials you need and our emails don't go to your junk or spam folder.

3. Look for a third email from me to arrive within one business day (usually much sooner), with your links and instructions for everything you need to do to prepare for and schedule our first meeting.  The subject line will be DIRECTIONS EMAIL.  If it does not arrive in your inbox within one business day, please check your junk mail folder to see if it has landed there, and then check your settings to make sure you have "Conversation View" set to off.  (Conversation View nests emails automatically under other emails you've received from the same person recently, so you do not readily see new emails in your inbox.  It is a very common culprit when people don't see their Directions Email land.)  If you have checked both of those things, and it has been at least 12 business hours, please email

4. If you opted to add on the THRIVE membership (3 months for the price of one + the follow up phone call) when purchasing, and would like to request an earlier start date than your feedback meeting date (or 6 months from purchase, whichever date comes first), please email with your preferred start date. 

5. Connect with me on Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Instagram, whichever social media channels you follow. We post helpful information on everything career-related and inspiration as you're moving towards the career and/or major you'll love, and we don't want you to miss out.

6. If desired, review the Terms & Policies that you agreed to when purchasing and print the Terms & Policies page for your records. In addition, if you added on the THRIVE membership + 30-minute follow up call add on, you can review the full THRIVE Membership Terms & Conditions and print that Membership Terms page for your records.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email, and we'll take care of you!
I am really looking forward to working together.

Thank you for choosing 2:10 Consulting!