Career Direction

Are you at a crossroads wondering which direction to go and what step to take next? You are at what we call a “turning point.” These turning points naturally occur every seven to ten years and offer a great opportunity to evaluate, assess, and set your direction accordingly.

Clients I see are often at these common turning points: 

  • Moving from high school to college
  • Moving from college/graduate school to the work world
  • The Age 30 Assessment
  • The Midlife Assessment
  • The Empty Nest Transition
  • The 50s Assessment
  • The Pre-Retirement Transition

2:10 Consulting partners with clients in their turning points to provide the objective information they need to make the most effective career decisions through certified aptitude testing and other industry-leading assessment tools. It is difficult to navigate through turning points alone because it is challenging to be objective enough to see our lives and giftedness with clarity. Based on this information, along with individualized mentoring and training in career development skills, I help you find that “sweet spot” where your giftedness, core personality traits, and deepest interest intersect.

I work with clients as they seek direction in making the career decisions that come with turning points, such as:

  • Deciding on a career path and college major
  • Facing decisions such as accepting a job offer, transfer, or promotion
  • Re-entering the workforce after being home for a season
  • Transitioning to another career path or area of occupation
  • Facing the possibility of downsizing
  • Considering starting a business

Through a process that utilizes a powerful combination of interactive discussion, proven assessment tools, and mentoring in career development skills, I work with you to assess your aptitudes, your natural giftedness and strengths, your core personality characteristics, and work motivators, and then pair those with your interests and goals to bring direction and focus. Often, I uncover aptitudes that have been overlooked, underutilized, or undeveloped. These aptitudes are hidden gifts that are so key to your wiring that to NOT use them often creates a nagging sense of overall dissatisfaction, especially as you grow older. By uncovering these aptitudes, helping channel them into a focused career direction, and mentoring you in vital career development skills, I set you up for success and equip you to move forward with confidence.

Call me today for a free, no-obligation 15-minute phone consultation to see how 2:10 Consulting can help you take your next step with confidence: 918-949-9006.


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