Career Transition

Change:  the prospects of it can be exciting—and intimidating. The beauty of change and transition is that whether they are due to circumstances or choice, they bring opportunity. I can maximize this opportunity to help you determine those critical next steps that will help you take a proactive approach to the transition you are facing.

Clients I see often say that they:

  • Are uncertain what they want to do with the next season of their life
  • Feel something is missing—but can’t put a finger on what it is
  • Are unhappy with their current job situation
  • Like what they do but just think, “There must be more out there.”
  • Are considering starting their own business
  • Are in the middle of a job hunt, or fear termination is possible, and don’t know what to do next

I can help you discover what needs to change and equip you to move forward with confidence.  In my experience many people can feel significantly different, better, and more effective with their careers and lives with small changes rather than a complete overhaul. The difficult part is in finding the right changes to make. The place to start looking is not out there, somewhere – it is within yourself, at how you are hardwired and designed.

Through a process that utilizes a powerful combination of interactive discussion, proven assessment tools, and mentoring in career development skills, I work with you to assess your aptitudes, your natural giftedness and strengths, your core personality characteristics, and work motivators, and then pair those with your passions and goals to bring new direction and focus. Often, I uncover aptitudes that have been overlooked or underutilized. These aptitudes are hidden gifts that are so key to your wiring that to NOT use them often creates a nagging sense of overall dissatisfaction. By uncovering these aptitudes, helping channel them into a more focused career direction, and mentoring you in vital career development skills, I set you up for success and equip you to move forward with confidence.

Call me today for a free, no-obligation 15-minute phone consultation to see how 2:10 Consulting can help you take your next step with confidence – 918-949-9006. 


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