Setting you up for success…
Equipping you to move forward with confidence.

You want a career that you’ll both love and excel in. But there are so many options.
How do you know which one is the best choice for you? I can help!


Are you a parent who wants to help your teen or young adult choose a major and/or career that’s a great fit for them?


Are you a student who wants to choose a major or career that you’ll both enjoy and succeed in?


Are you an adult returning to the workforce, wanting to transition to a more satisfying career, or starting your own business?
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Jenny Larsen, M.A., MCS, GCDF
Jenny Larsen, M.A., MCS, GCDF
I’m Jenny Larsen, a certified life and career coach, certified aptitude testing specialist, and master career specialist.  It’s my passion to help you find and move forward into the career that is in your “sweet spot” – where your giftedness, core personality traits, values, and deepest interests intersect – so you can love what you do.

I’m here to help set you up for success and equip you to move forward with confidence towards the career and life that is best for you.

My Services Help Clients:

  • Discover their unique gifts and strengths
  • Get clarity about which direction they should take
  • Choose career paths they will love and excel in
  • Determine next steps and move forward with confidence
  • Save time and money by eliminating trial and error
  • Find greater overall satisfaction in life and career

Read what these clients had to say…

“I am overjoyed about the possibilities in front of me and believe I’ve identified the perfect fit for myself. I appreciate all you did in helping focus my vision and set this course into motion.
Chris T.

Young Professional

“Jenny did an amazing job explaining and interpreting my results. I have continued to think about her comments and the coaching she provided and everything seems to make so much sense. I have tried a number of career counselors and coaches over the last 25 years and nobody has been as helpful as Jenny. I’m excited to begin implementing the suggestions she made.”
Liz P.

Mid-career Professional

“Many thanks for your involvement with my granddaughter… likely the best expenditure I’ve made in many years.
Wayne C.

Grandfather of High School Student

If you can relate to one or more of the following, I can help!


Students choosing a major and career path for the first time


College students who need to choose a major that’s a better fit


Young adults moving from college to career


20-somethings getting established in their careers


Stay-at-home adults considering re-entering the workforce


Adults who are facing career decisions or changes in career


Adults who want to transition to more meaningful careers


Adults wanting to start or grow their own business

Get started with the free 5 Step Roadmap to a Career You Love action plan!

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