No matter the organization, everyone on your team counts. How do you cultivate a cohesive, efficient staff—one that works well together, consistently meeting goals and accomplishing objectives? You do so by helping your individual staff members understand and deploy their strengths while recognizing and utilizing the strengths of others. This empowers your staff to work together as a unified team, minimizing interpersonal difficulties while maximizing effectiveness.

2:10 Consulting partners with churches and community organizations to reach beyond encouraging team spirit to focus on the more lasting work of team building. We do this by creating an environment where individuals learn how they work best, so they can then work together to achieve mutually beneficial success.

We work with organizations through engaging, interactive seminars to help them discover the keys to:

  • Communicate openly and effectively
  • Appreciate strengths and respect one another’s differences
  • Deal with stress and conflict in ways that lead to resolution
  • Maximize learning and problem solving skills
  • Increase performance while improving self-development
  • Create a more supportive work environment for greater overall success and job satisfaction

Our interactive seminars utilize the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and the Highlands Ability Battery to provide key insights for your staff members. We tailor our programs according to your objectives and goals, focusing on helping your staff utilize the natural abilities and core personality characteristics that make them the most productive, effective, and satisfied.

This self-knowledge leads to greater utilization of the unique contributions each individual can make, an appreciation for the diversity among team members, and increased communication and interpersonal understanding. All of these results enhance the cohesiveness of a team, as we teach them how to leverage their insight to make real, lasting change.

As the specific goals and needs of organizations vary, please contact us today for your free, no obligation consultation to see how 2:10 Consulting can partner with you to meet those goals and objectives. 

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