Engaged Couples and Families

Maybe you’re getting married and want to get your new marriage off on the right foot. Or maybe you’re in the midst of family life, and want to understand your family members better. I can help.

2:10 Consulting partners with engaged couples as part of their premarital counseling process and with families who want to improve understanding and communication by offering the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and the Highlands Ability Battery.

Essential to effective communication and more harmonious relationships is understanding yourself and others.  When you understand your – and your loved ones’ – personality type preferences and unique design of aptitudes, you are able to more easily appreciate your differences and communicate more effectively.  Engaged couples are able to proactively identify and address areas of difference that might cause conflict and start their marriage with new respect and understanding.

Knowledge of personality type preferences and aptitudes allows you to see differences for what they truly are – different ways of processing information, thinking, and acting.  Because aptitudes are our essential hardwiring – natural abilities and gifting to do certain things quickly, easily, and almost effortlessly – we tend to take them for granted and assume other people think and process the way we do.  This can lead to conflict, impatience, and miscommunication.

When you understand personality type preferences and aptitudes, you are less likely to make judgments that you are “right” and the other person is “wrong.”  You are able to minimize the frustration that comes when you feel someone is just being difficult by having a new perspective that their behavior is an expression of their personality type and aptitudes.

Understanding personality type preferences and aptitudes enables you to:

  • Communicate openly and effectively
  • Appreciate strengths and respect one another’s differences
  • Use a nonjudgmental language when discussing misunderstandings and irritations
  • Honor one another and work together as a team
  • Deal with stress and conflict in ways that lead to resolution
  • Maximize learning and problem solving skills
  • Increase decision making effectiveness

I offer the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and the Highlands Ability Battery separately and combined with personalized feedback sessions for individuals, engaged couples, and families on an hourly basis.

Call me today for a free, no-obligation 15-minute phone consultation to see how 2:10 Consulting can help set you up for success.


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