High School and College Students

“One of the primary characteristics of happy, productive, and successful people is that they see themselves in a future that feels positive and attainable.”

         ~ Bob McDonald and Don Hutcheson, Don’t Waste Your Talent 

“What are you going to major in?”  “What do you want to do?”  Those are two questions that high school and college students face on a regular basis, and they feel enormous pressure to be able to answer them.  If they answer, “I’m going to study medicine,” all the pressure stops. Problem solved. But what if there is another career path the student should consider that they haven’t thought of yet?  Or beyond that, if the student even has the natural abilities to be truly happy and successful in that field long-term?

Choosing a major is not rocket science, but there is a bit of science involved in making choices that will lead to success. Consider these staggering statistics recently reported in The Atlantic and Huffington Post:

  • 53% of recent college grads are unemployed or underemployed
  • 68% of recent grads and students are working in a job not in their field
  • 47% of recent grads are still receiving financial assistance from their parents

Keep in mind these statistics show the results after parents have invested thousands of dollars to help their young adults receive a solid education in hopes of ensuring a successful, self-sufficient future.

So what can you do to equip your students for a future that bucks these disappointing trends? The answer lies with helping them to develop a personal vision for success based solidly on objective information about their aptitudes and natural abilities, interests, and core personality characteristics. This vision coupled with knowledge about the job market and training in career development skills can then be deployed to create a future with greater levels of success, independence, and overall satisfaction.

Through a powerful combination of interactive discussion, industry-leading assessment tools, and mentoring in career development skills, I equip individuals to understand how they are wired, maximize the ways they learn, and effectively explore the career paths and college majors that are the best fit for them, so they are set up for success.

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Our Services Help Clients:

  • Discover their unique gifts, strengths, and natural talents
  • Choose career paths and majors they will love and thrive in
  • Develop more confidence, so they can achieve their goals and dreams
  • Get clear on which direction is the best direction for them to take
  • Save time and money by setting a solid direction for education choices
  • Discover their purpose and passion and live intentional lives of fulfillment and satisfaction
  • Determine next steps in their career paths through career development training
  • Uncover strengths to provide solid, objective direction utilizing industry-leading tools
  • Find greater overall satisfaction in life through life coaching and career path development or transition

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