Aptitude Discovery/Highlands Ability Battery Group Debrief

Discover your Innate Abilities 

The most effective decisions regarding college majors and career paths are firmly based upon your innate abilities and aptitudes. This package offers a cost-effective and fun way to discover your innate abilities with friends, so you can choose the college major and career path that is the best fit for your unique set of strengths.

Included in the Aptitude Discovery Group Debrief:

  • Highlands Ability Battery assessment (a “gold-standard” objective natural innate ability and aptitude assessment composed of nineteen timed worksamples, all with a strengths-based focus)
  • Highlands Ability Battery application-focused report
  • Highlands Ability Battery Work Types report (predicts transferrable functions at work and school that will come most naturally to you)
  • Highlands Ability Battery Career Exploration Supplement report (identifies many career paths to explore based on your specific aptitude patterns)
  • One 2.5-hour group meeting either by Zoom or in the 2:10 Consulting office, by arrangement, to explain and apply results and work on identifying best-fit
  • Next steps and application resources, including a series of follow up coaching emails
  • Option to add on at time of initial purchase a custom-written “Summary of Highlights” report individually written for client, for an additional $225, if desired
  • Option to add on one (1-hour) one-on-one consultation for an additional $125.00, if desired (This additional one-on-one meeting will be complimentary for one official group leader.)
  • Group coaching, one-on-one coaching, and/or additional assessments are available separately if more specific direction for careers is desired

Step One – Decide to Coordinate a Group and Gather 4 or More People Who Want to Discover Their Innate Abilities to Make the Most Effective College and Career Decisions

If you have five or more in your group, the fee is $300/person. With four in your group, the fee is $350/person.  The official group coordinator will receive one (1-hour) one-on-one follow up consultation as a thank you. (This is complimentary for only one official group coordinator per group.)

Step Two – Identify Two or More Dates When All Members of Your Group are Available to Meet

It is best to choose dates at least 3-4 weeks in the future, and then email support@210consulting.org to share your date options for the 2.5 hour group meeting and check on availability. Meetings can be held effectively by Zoom or in the 2:10 Consulting office, by arrangement. Group meetings are typically scheduled at 10:00, 1:00, or 3:30. I have found that the 1:00 time slot often is ideal, so I recommend that time if it works for your group. When you email with your date options, please also share the names and emails of all of your group members.

Step Three – Officially Register and Pay Once a Group Debrief Date is Scheduled

Once a date is scheduled for your group debrief, we will create a meeting in our scheduling system and email each group member the link to officially register and pay. Everyone will have the option at this time of adding on the custom-written “Summary of Highlights” report individually written for the client.

Step Four – Receive Directions Email with Links for Taking Highlands Ability Battery (HAB), Interest Profiler, and Completing the Client Information Form

Upon registration and payment we will email each group member a Directions Email with a unique code and instructions for taking the HAB, a link to take the Interest Profiler, and a link to complete the official Client Information Form. All three assignments must be completed by each group member by no later than one week prior to the group meeting in order to avoid rescheduling.

Step Five – Complete Highlands Ability Battery, Interest Profiler, and Client Information Form

In preparation for the group meeting, I need each group member to complete the following assignments by no later than one week before the meeting:

  • Complete 5-minute Interest Profiler Quiz
  • Complete Client Information Form
  • Complete Highlands Ability Battery (HAB) assessment

The HAB will be completed online at the time and place of your choosing. It is composed of 19 games and challenges that will take about 3 hours to complete, but not in one sitting. You will be able to log on and off using your username and password, so you can take the assessment at the time, place, and pace that work best for you. Please note: the HAB, Interest Profiler, and Client Form must be completed at least one week prior to our group debrief meeting, in order to avoid rescheduling.

Step Six – Review Highlands Ability Battery Results

Once you complete the HAB, I will forward the Highlands Ability Battery reports within 24 business hours of completion for your review prior to our group meeting.

Step Seven – Group Debrief Meeting

We will have our 2.5 hour group meeting to go over the results either by Zoom or in the workshop room at the 2:10 office, by arrangement. The address is 8988 S. Sheridan, Suite Y, in the Chimney Pointe center at the northwest corner of 91st and Sheridan, behind Under the Sun.  If you added on the custom-written “Summary of Highlights” report for yourself or your student at the time of initial purchase, you will receive it at the group meeting. Due to space restraints, if the meeting will be held at the 2:10 office, only the client (and one parent if the client is a student) may attend.

Step Eight – Next Steps Moving Forward

During the meeting I will demonstrate several excellent sites for researching career paths and informational interviews. In addition, you will receive other application resources and a series of training emails. If desired, you may also add on one (1-hour) one-on-one consultation for an additional $125.00, so I can give you more specific personal direction moving forward.

This one (1-hour) one-on-one follow up consultation after the meeting will be complimentary for one official group coordinator or their student as a thank you for coordinating the group.

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