This past Saturday we celebrated our oldest son’s 21st birthday. It was so fun being together as a family and very exciting to hear him enthusiastically share about how much he is enjoying one of his classes that is directly related to his major. David and I sincerely desire that our kids will be passionate about what they do and feel they are doing significant work, in every season of their lives.

I read an interesting article that discussed the research of Yale psychologist Amy Wrzesniewski on the different ways people can view their work – as jobs, careers, or callings. I feel incredibly blessed that I view my work as my calling. I am deeply passionate about what I  do; my work truly aligns with my values, and is an expression of who I am. I truly love helping individuals find the career paths that are the best fit for them, their “sweet spot.”

What about you?

  • Do you have a “job”? Do you appreciate the paycheck, but don’t have passion for what you do, see an alignment with your personal values, or feel that you are accomplishing important work?
  • Do you have a “career”? Are you passionate about what you do? Do you focus on improving your skills, advancing in your field, contributing with excellence to your place of work?
  • Do you have a “calling”? Does your work align with your values? Do you have a sense of purpose beyond the paycheck? Do you feel like you are accomplishing something significant and making a difference in this world? Does your work allow you to use your giftedness and be who you were created to be?

Sometimes a shift in perspective can help you move from one category to the next. For example, instead of viewing your work as selling stocks and bonds, you could take the perspective that you are helping people make money and save for retirement. Sometimes it takes some tweaking in your responsibilities or work environment, and occasionally a shift in direction. I’m here to help!




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