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There are so many avenues in which to practice law – how do you know which area and context you are most likely to excel in and enjoy? Is there a way to strategically increase your effectiveness as an attorney?

The key is in having objective information about your unique pattern of aptitudes and natural abilities addressed within the context of the uniqueness of the legal profession. Research shows that attorneys tend to have a unique set of attributes and talents that are different from those of other professionals and from the general public.

2:10 Consulting partners with you to give you the vital objective information you need through a powerful combination of interactive discussion, career development skill training, and industry-leading assessment tools, including the specialized Lawyers’ Report from the Highlands Company. I am able to point you towards the areas of law practice you are likely to thrive in and equip you to draw on your strengths to manage your practice and your interactions with the people and events you encounter in your work and life.

The Lawyers’ Report is designed to speak to lawyers at all stages of their careers:

  • Law students
  • Law firm associates
  • Law firm partner-managers
  • Law school administrators
  • Individual practitioners
  • Lawyers at various levels of the business and public worlds

The personalized data included in the report is related specifically to the functions performed by lawyers in their work. It addresses work that is common to all lawyers and that which sets the individual lawyer apart. The report also reflects the uniqueness of lawyers—those who work in law firms, those who serve corporations, government agencies, and public interest organizations, those who serve individual clients as solo practitioners, and those who work in other ways than in service to clients.

Your aptitudes and natural abilities are important to understand when you make decisions about your career as an attorney and your life because they help you identify:

  • The area of law practice that is likely to feel most comfortable to you
  • How you learn new information most easily
  • How you solve problems and make decisions
  • How you communicate with others

Understanding your unique pattern of natural abilities enables you to: 

  • Identify the skills you need to develop to maximize your effectiveness as an attorney
  • Assess and improve your level of comfort in the practice settings and tasks assigned to you
  • Adjust your responses to a broad range of challenges and people
  • Manage your work schedule
  • Communicate your ideas and inspire confidence in your associates and your clients
  • Increase the level of satisfaction and harmony in your work and your life

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