Pre-Empty Nest and Empty Nest Moms

Your kids are getting older, and everything in your life may seem to be shifting.


While they still need you, they don’t need you in quite the same way.

They’re growing up and everything may seem like it’s changing – your relationship with them, with your husband, parents, friends, everything.

In addition to focusing on them, you may be wondering, if only to yourself, “What’s next, for me?”

In quiet moments, you may be feeling stagnant, stuck, uninspired – you’ve been so caught up in the busyness of life and getting your kids ready to launch, that you’ve lost track of what you really want.

My name is Jenny Larsen, and as a wife and mom of 5 grown kids (ages 27-31), as well as a certified life coach and certified career coach and aptitude testing specialist –

I get it.   I’ve walked the road myself, and I’m here to support you on the journey, confidentially, and in a loving, judgment-free zone.


I help pre-empty nest and empty nest moms get their kids launched and established in their careers, but I also help them:


  •    Navigate the shifting relationships with their kids, husband, parents, and others

  •    Rediscover themselves, overcome self-doubts, and grow in confidence

  •    Get clear on their purpose, become re-inspired, and find their ideal career/area of contribution

This new season needs a new set of skills.

I can help you:

  • Navigate the shifting relationships with your kids, husband, parents, and others
  • Get a renewed sense of clarity of your purpose
  • Experience peace even if everything around you is changing and stressful
  • Feel happy even when your kids, husband, or parents are struggling
  • Discover (or rediscover) your gifts and passions
  • Develop a career or area of contribution you love
  • Rediscover yourself, overcome self-doubts, and grow in confidence
  • Develop a satisfying balance of work and personal life
  • Envision a next chapter that is just right for you

I’d love for you to schedule a free, no-obligation, 20-minute mini-session, so I can learn more about you and your unique situation, talk through where you might be stuck, and I can answer any questions about possibly working together.  Feel free to bring any current struggle you’d like help with, and we’ll discuss some first steps you can start applying today.  Everything you share will be confidential – we all need a safe space to process, especially as moms.

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