We’re putting together a free event called Sorority Recruitment 101 for high school senior girls and their moms (sign up information below) – we only offer this free event one time a year. Whether you already know you want to go through sorority recruitment or you’re not sure, this is for you!

Sororities can be a wonderful part of the college experience, but there is a lot that goes into the recruitment process – and it can be stressful if you don’t know where to begin or what’s going on.

You may be the first member of your family to go through recruitment – or your mother or another family member or friend may have been in a sorority – but much has changed through the years, and the universities have different processes.

As part of my mission of setting you up for success in college and career, I want to de-mystify the recruitment process. My three daughters have happily gone through recruitment + I’ve learned a lot through my years of being active in my sorority alumnae group. I’d love to pass my knowledge and experience on to you!

Sorority Recruitment 101 is scheduled for Sunday, April 25th at 3:30 by Zoom.  Reservations are required. CLICK HERE TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT(S)

We’ll talk about all things related to sorority recruitment –

  • Getting ready for recruitment (and what you can be doing now)
  • Putting together your resume
  • Obtaining letters of recommendation
  • What goes into a rec packet
  •        Creating your PNM video
  • Registering for recruitment
  • Going through recruitment week
  •        What to wear
  • Having the best experience possible… and much more!

Plus, we’ll have a question and answer time, so we can answer any questions you have that haven’t been covered – please come with your questions!

Space is limited in our virtual Zoom meeting room, so reservations are required.  But please feel free to invite your friends to this free event and have them sign up – no one will be admitted to our private Zoom meeting room without reservations.

Reservations are required – CLICK HERE TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT(S)! 

Registration closes on Saturday, 4/24/21, or when all spots are filled.   

There is only one free event per year, but special sessions may be arranged. Full details on scheduling special sessions can be found here.

We look forward to meeting you!









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