Stay-at-Home Adults Considering Re-Entering the Workforce

You have dedicated the past years to taking care of those you love. You chose to prioritize the needs of others ahead of your career for a season of life. Now life has changed, and you are considering stepping back into the outside work world—but you are not sure what steps to take next. So much has changed, it’s hard to know…should you start a search by scanning the classifieds or call friends to network? In the space of today’s new work environment, how do you even start this process?

As you move into this exciting new season, I can partner with you to help ease your transition into the workforce. 2:10 Consulting can help you get in touch with what you love—either following the direction that has always inspired you or discovering a whole new set of opportunities that suit your natural gifting and abilities – and equip you to transition back into the workforce when you are ready.

Utilizing a powerful combination of interactive discussion, industry-leading assessment tools, and mentoring in career development skills, I help you approach this new season positively and proactively. The first step is to start with objective information about your aptitudes and natural abilities, and then thoughtfully and prayerfully integrate other important factors, such as your values, family, goals, passions, skills, and work motivators, into a creative mix. This helps you create a powerful personal vision that is unique to you.

I work with you to determine:

  • Core strengths you have that employers are seeking
  • Unique aptitudes and natural abilities that will set you apart in the work force
  • What makes you “tick” so you can understand and tap into what really motivates you
  • How your personality, values, interests, skills, and goals interact and intersect so you can find the type of work that will be most satisfying
  • A step-by-step plan of action to give you clarity, vision, and direction

Through my mentoring component, I can work with you to develop strategies for creating and maintaining balance as you transition into the workforce outside the home—a critical component to your transition. Let me partner with you to equip you with the insight and information that will set you up for success as you step into an exciting new season of life.

Call me today for a free, no-obligation 15-minute consultation to see how 2:10 Consulting can help you move forward with confidence.


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