Story of 2:10 Consulting

Tulsa-based 2:10 Consulting was founded by Jenny Larsen, M.A., MCS, GCDF, in 2011, born from the desire to bring all the benefits and critical insights of aptitude testing to Oklahoma. Previously, aptitude testing was only available in larger cities, such as Dallas or Chicago, and she desired to make this essential service more accessible for individuals in the Tulsa area and deliver it within a holistic context, including individualized mentoring and training in career development skills. Services are delivered in person and by Zoom.

Aptitude testing is so critical because aptitudes are your natural abilities and giftedness – in essence, what you have been hardwired to do quickly, easily, and well, almost effortlessly. They remain relatively stable throughout life, so they are key factors in determining a direction that gives you the greatest satisfaction and success in your work, life, and education choices.

It is essential to have your aptitudes objectively assessed as it is only through the process of actually having to perform tasks or “worksamples” that you are able to objectively determine which aptitudes you possess.

Many times aptitudes are uncovered during the assessment process that have been overlooked, undeveloped, and underutilized.

Certain careers and classes will come more easily and be a more natural fit for you depending on your pattern of aptitudes, and to NOT use your aptitudes often creates a nagging sense of overall dissatisfaction, especially as you get older.

2:10 Consulting works with clients from all backgrounds and beliefs to help them discover and understand how they are masterfully designed, so they are equipped to make informed, effective decisions and choose the career paths and college majors that are the best fit for them.

The converging circles of our 2:10 Consulting logo represent our focus, helping individuals bring together their aptitudes, core personality characteristics, interests, work motivators, and key values in their “sweet spot” – their area of maximum effectiveness and satisfaction.


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Our Services Help Clients:

  • Discover their unique gifts, strengths, and natural talents
  • Choose career paths and majors they will love and thrive in
  • Develop more confidence, so they can achieve their goals and dreams
  • Get clear on which direction is the best direction for them to take
  • Save time and money by setting a solid direction for education choices
  • Discover their purpose and passion and live intentional lives of fulfillment and satisfaction
  • Determine next steps in their career paths through career development training
  • Uncover strengths to provide solid, objective direction utilizing industry-leading tools
  • Find greater overall satisfaction in life through life coaching and career path development or transition

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