The Freshman 15 – A Guide to Thrive for College Freshmen by Kate Henderson is a wonderful interactive Bible study for high school senior girls preparing for their freshman year of college.

My three girls and I went through this study the summer before they went off to college, and I highly recommend it! They’re finishing their junior year in college now and have done so well – I know going through this study greatly helped to that end. 🙂

As a mom of five young adults (one graduated and out of college and four currently in college) plus having worked with hundreds of high school students through the years, I know both personally and professionally that the transition from high school to college is significant.

Most graduating seniors are excited, but also nervous about this new chapter of life, whether they directly admit it or not.

They wonder about all sorts of things, like whether they’ll:

> be able to handle the pressure of college-level work…

> make good friends…

> get through sorority recruitment and land in the sorority of their choice…

> like living in the dorm and their roommate(s)…

> like their classes…

> avoid being homesick…

> find a career they love…

> and so much more.

This short five-chapter study helps graduating senior girls (and their moms) think through the major issues they will face as college freshmen and equip them to thrive in college.

Issues like:

> Keeping the faith

> Managing your time well

> Dating

> Taking care of yourself

> Developing strong friendships

> Prayer

Kate Henderson covers those topics + shares about 15 “must packs” for every college freshman:

1) Seek God first

2) Spend time with the Lord

3) Get plugged into a local church

4) Be effective by being selective

5) Rest

6) Schedule your time

7) Pursue excellence to the end

8) Guard your heart

9) Every date is a potential mate

10) Protect your purity

11) Do not conform; be transformed

12) Honor God with your body

13) Be a servant

14) Your campus is your mission field

15) Pray in every circumstance

I think this study is invaluable for every graduating senior girl who wants to keep her faith and thrive throughout college.

You can purchase it here.

To your success-



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