Terms and Policies for All Services & Products

It is my desire to provide the very best experience and results for each of my clients. I am deeply committed to helping each move forward, to get clarity on their natural gifts and abilities, so they can choose what major and career that is best for them and create a career and life they love. After 13 years in practice, I have developed effective systems to achieve these goals while creating a sustainable practice.


Business hours are Monday thru Thursday 9:00am-6:00pm Central and Friday 9:00am-1:00pm Central, except for holidays. All hours referenced throughout these terms, throughout the website, and in any communication are expressed in Central time, unless specified otherwise.


I do my very best to return emails sent to support@210consulting.org within 24 business hours. I have other email addresses, but they are not checked nearly as frequently. Please expect emails received evenings, weekends, and holidays to be returned the next business day.

Due to the nature of meeting with clients during business hours, it can take much longer for me to return phone calls than emails. For the quickest response, please include your email in any phone message, or, better yet, please contact me through email at support@210consulting.org. This is the email that is monitored most closely. To ensure that my emails land in your inbox rather than being caught with a filter, I recommend adding support@210consulting.org to your contacts as a safe sender.


Certain packages include an option to divide the fee in two or more payments. If opting for a monthly payments option or adding on the THRIVE membership, subsequent payments will automatically be charged in 30-day intervals. (For more details about THRIVE, see the THRIVE Membership section.)


Please refer to the Work with Me page of the website to see what is included in the package you’re purchasing. For example, the Aptitude Discovery Package does not routinely include a 30-minute follow up call, unless you opt for the THRIVE membership follow up add-on at time of initial purchase of the Aptitude Discovery Package.


Meetings are available during business hours (Monday thru Thursday 9-6 Central, and Friday 9-1 Central, except for holidays). Due to family and personal commitments I am not able to meet nights, weekends, or holidays.

I am happy to shift appointment times within the framework of my business hours (Monday thru Thursday 9-6 and Friday 9-1, except for holidays) to accommodate your schedule. For example, you might see options to meet from 1-3 or 4-6, but it would really be ideal for you to meet from 2-4. I am also often able to split longer meetings into shorter segments – for example, instead of one two-hour meeting, we could meet for two one-hour meetings. Please email support@210consulting.org to make your request, and I will do my best to find a day where I can accommodate your request. I’m not able to meet on nights, weekends, or holidays, due to my family and personal commitments.

After 13 years in practice, I have learned that meetings are held most effectively by Zoom in most cases since all reports are reviewed digitally.  Meeting by Zoom allows me to share my screen with you as we go over the reports and as I demonstrate different resources, rather than my just talking you through the reports as you review them on your own laptop (no paper reports). It also easily facilitates your recording the video and audio of the meeting. In addition, I find my clients love the convenience of not having to travel and fight traffic to meet, love meeting comfortably from their own home, and students especially love the informality and ability to eat snacks while we visit and review everything. Please choose a time when scheduling that will allow you to be fully present – not driving, getting your nails done, cooking dinner, etc.

Special arrangements can be made for meeting in-office at 91st and Sheridan for an additional fee of $100 to cover the extra time I must block off to travel to and from the meeting space plus the rental fee. Simply email support@210consulting.org with your request after scheduling, and we’ll confirm availability to meet in-office and send you an invoice for the in-office meeting fee.

If after scheduling, you prefer a sooner or different appointment slot, or would like to make special arrangements, please email support@210consulting.org to make your request. Due to the nature of my practice, I often have movement in my schedule. I maintain a list of requests, and either my assistant or I will contact you when openings pop up that meet the specified criteria.

For feedback meetings, where we go over assessment results, I request that for students and young adult clients, 25 years of age and younger, that one or both parents attend the feedback meeting (but no siblings or other people please).

Initial meetings, including the first meeting that is part of the Best-Fit Discovery Package, will just be the client and me one-on-one. Follow up meetings can be with parent(s) or without.


To allow sufficient time for appropriate preparation, depending on what is being covered during the meeting, there are various deadlines for forms and assessments. I will outline those here, but everything will be detailed again when scheduling.

For most meetings, all forms and assessments specified must be received no later than 48 business hours prior to the meeting, or the meeting will be rescheduled. (This means that Monday meetings have a Thursday deadline, and Tuesday meetings have a Friday deadline.)

For the Best-Fit Discovery Package feedback meeting and all other meetings where I write custom reports, all assignments must be completed by no later than 7 days before the meeting, or the meeting will be rescheduled.

In addition, we’ve learned that deadlines in general can be very motivating and helpful, so all assessments and meetings through the feedback meeting, should be completed by six-months from payment, unless other arrangements have been made, to avoid paying any additional fees. Please communicate during that six-month period if this is a challenge – I am happy to make other arrangements to accommodate your particular situation.

In the same vein, certain packages include follow up calls and meetings – they must be held within three months of the feedback meeting to avoid an additional charge. Please communicate in that three-month period if that is a challenge – I am happy to make other arrangements to accommodate your particular situation.


For all of the packages, all reports are reviewed in digital format (no paper reports) during each meeting. The reports are full of live links we need to access online throughout the meeting, so you will receive all of your reports and resources in digital format the day before the meeting.

With the Best-Fit Transition Package, Best-Fit Discovery Package, and the Custom Direction Package, in addition to all the digital copies you will receive and that we will review together during the meeting, after the feedback meeting you will also receive a custom spiral-bound copy of all the reports and resources through the mail. Your book is not produced until after the meeting to accommodate for any custom tweaks that arise during the meeting and will be mailed direct to your doorstep by the printing company.

Assessments that I administer are B-level assessments meaning they require extensive specialized training to administer them, and they require detailed, professional explanation to understand them. For that reason, it is my practice not to routinely release results until right before or during the meeting, depending on the meeting. I have learned over the last 13 years that this minimizes confusion and helps us have the most positive, constructive time together possible.


I love my parents, both my own and the parents of my student clients! As the mother of five now grown children, I remember well their high school and college days.

My policy is always to cc parents of my student and young adult clients, age 25 and younger, on all emails sent to their children, unless the child is 18 or older and has expressly forbidden me to do so. I always want to keep parents in the loop!

In addition, I always ask parents of my clients to complete a Parent Input Form before I meet with their children for the first time. I recognize that parents have a very valuable and unique perspective to share, and feel I am not as effective or helpful without having the benefit of hearing that perspective. (So I will remind you a time or two about completing it, if you haven’t had a chance to do so yet. 🙂 )

I request that at least one parent attend the feedback meeting for all clients age 25 or younger, unless there are special circumstances and an exception has been requested. Parents hold a unique role as trusted advisor to their children as they walk with their children as they move forward – parents need the benefit of all the information I will share during the feedback meeting.

Initial meetings are always just the client and me, one-on-one, so I can get to know them most effectively as individuals. If a parent has questions about what was covered during that initial meeting, you are welcome to schedule a complimentary 15-minute consultation. The exception is when the client is 18 or older and has specifically forbidden me to speak to a parent without their being present (then schedule a time when both of you can be present). The link to schedule that call can be found on the 210consulting.org website.

During feedback meetings, I want parents to feel free to ask questions and seek clarification, so they understand the information shared. But it is important to remember that we want to keep the tone positive and build the student/young adult’s confidence – I request that you refrain from sharing any of your frustrations during the feedback meeting. Instead, I recommend that you schedule an hourly one-on-one consultation with me (the link can be found on the Clients page of my website). One-on-one I can more effectively help you strategize how to help your child.

Lastly, as tempting as I know it can be to knock out forms on your student/young adult client’s behalf (mom of five here, including 2 boys!), it is very important that I hear the “voice” of the client in how they answer the questions on the form that is attached to making the Aptitude Discovery Package appointment and the Client Information Forms that are part of all the other packages.

I am not so interested in what the client says, but how they say it, and no other person, even a parent, can ever exactly duplicate another’s “voice.”

In addition, all consents are part of the client forms. Please make sure the client (the one taking the assessments) is actually the one who completes the client forms in their entirety.


While we are open to extending deadlines, splitting meetings into smaller segments to make them work for you/your schedule better, and/or sending any number of reminders that you request, we do not offer refunds of any kind – all sales are final for all services and products.


If electing to add on the THRIVE membership when purchasing a package, the following terms and conditions also apply:

Your initial payment of $39 for three months of the THRIVE membership (including the 30-minute follow up call) will process at time of purchase, but the clock won’t start on the three months until your official start date.  The official start date of your THRIVE membership will automatically be set to the date of your feedback meeting, or at 6-months from initial payment (whichever comes first), unless you request an earlier start date.  Simply email support@210consulting.org to request an earlier start date.

Since THRIVE is a monthly membership site, payments will process automatically on the schedule you select at the time of initial purchase. Through this order form, you are selecting an initial period of three months for a total of $39, and will be charged that $39 today, but the clock won’t start on the three months until your official start date (see above), then every subsequent month after the three months you will be automatically charged $39. For example: if you select the option for the THRIVE membership when purchasing the Aptitude Discovery Package on March 15th, you will be charged the initial fee of $39 on March 15th. If you don’t request an earlier start date, your three months will begin on the day of your feedback meeting (or at 6-months from purchase). For our example, let’s say the feedback meeting date is April 7th. You will have three months of membership without further charges, then on July 7th, you will be charged another $39, then again on August 7th, and so on, until you discontinue your membership.

Upon the official start date of your THRIVE Membership (see above), you will gain access to the THRIVE membership site and to content from the month of your start date forward.  You will continue to have access to the membership site and receive the benefits of being a member as long as you remain a member in good standing – you may cancel whenever you choose. Read the full THRIVE Membership Terms & Conditions of Service for further details on your membership and how to cancel.

There is an Account page on the THRIVE membership site where you will always be able to see a record of your charges, reference your charge date, and update your debit/credit card information. Please keep your card information updated, so you’ll remain a member in good standing.

All terms and policies are subject to change without notice, but, of course, we will honor the policies that were in effect when initially purchasing, within six months of your initial purchase date.

All sales are final for all services and products.

Effective Date: 3.1.21, Updated: 4.16.24

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