Your quiz results say your Contribution Style is


Creators are typically creative, expressive people; you probably value beauty/aesthetics, originality, imagination, independence, and individuality.

You may describe yourself as creative, intuitive, sensitive, passionate, free-spirited, and idealistic.

Creators are often drawn to contributing in creative fields involving visual arts & design, writing & mass communication, culinary arts, and performing arts. (Coming soon to your inbox is a cheat sheet of fun activities Creators often enjoy.)

They typically don’t want to be in super structured, rules-oriented environments that don’t value individuality.

You may feel the pull to express yourself creatively, whether through art, music, writing, or cooking, explore your passions, and live a life that feels more authentic to you.

Even if you might not be interested in starting a new career, as you're beginning the process of envisioning what you ideally want your life to look like now, and in your next chapter, it can be helpful to hear what careers and interests Creators often are drawn to. 

A few areas of work and study that other Creators often enjoy:

•    Photography
•    Working in social media
•    Creating or displaying artwork
•    Decorating and designing homes and office spaces
•    Writing
•    Editing works for publication
•    Broadcast journalism
•    Teaching dance, music, drama, art
•    Illustration
•    Creating public relations materials
•    Making jewelry
•    Performing music
•    Acting or doing stage production
•    Catering
•    Creating design plans for events

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