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Helpers are friendly, caring, helpful people; you probably value cooperation, kindness, generosity, and service to others.

You may describe yourself as caring, helpful, responsible, understanding, family-oriented, friendly, and warm.

Helpers are often drawn to contributing in people-oriented fields where the focus is on helping others, like health care, schools, non-profits, counseling offices, churches, and mission organizations. (Coming soon to your inbox is a cheat sheet of fun activities Helpers often enjoy.)

They typically don’t want to be forced to care just about money, but in their quest to help others, it can be easy for them to become unbalanced by caring for others at the expense of themselves.

You may feel the pull to have some focus for yourself outside of caring for your family as much as you love them and want to prioritize them.

Even if you might not be interested in starting a new career, as you're beginning the process of envisioning what you ideally want your life to look like now, and in your next chapter, it can be helpful to hear what careers and interests Helpers often are drawn to.  

A few areas of work and study that other Helpers often enjoy:

•    Teaching
•    Counseling
•    Nursing
•    Ministry
•    Speech-Language Pathology
•    Therapies of all kinds (speech, occupational, physical, recreation, music, art, etc.)
•    Community service/non-profit work
•    Human resources
•    Childcare
•    Social work

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