Your quiz results say your Contribution Style is


Thinkers are typically analytical and independent-thinking people; you probably value intellectual curiosity, independence, learning, and problem solving.

You may describe yourself as analytical, rational, independent, original, and complex.

Thinkers are often drawn to contributing in health-related fields, healthcare, research of many kinds, science-related areas, and math-related fields. (Coming soon to your inbox is a cheat sheet of fun activities Thinkers often enjoy.)

They typically don’t want to be confined to doing routine work; having their days filled with “mundane tasks” can feel stifling. The “what” is not so interesting to them, but the “why” behind what’s happening.

You may feel the pull to be intellectually challenged and mentally stimulated.

Even if you might not be interested in starting a new career, as you're beginning the process of envisioning what you ideally want your life to look like now, and in your next chapter, it can be helpful to hear what careers and interests Thinkers often are drawn to. 

A few areas of work and study that other Thinkers often enjoy:

•    Medicine and health care
•    Laboratory testing
•    Research and development
•    Geology
•    Psychology
•    Sociology
•    Library research
•    Teaching university-level classes
•    Economics
•    Actuarial science and statistics
•    Food science
•    Teaching math
•    Technical writing
•    Analyst work
•    Museum curation
•    Computer science

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