Turning Points

What happens when you reach a turning point in your career and life?

All adults go through a period of evaluation every 7 to 10 years called a “turning point.” Despite the name, a turning point is not an isolated point in time – rather it is a one to three year period of evaluation, heightened awareness, and decision making that affects the next season of your life. Each turning point offers a great opportunity to evaluate, assess, and adjust your direction accordingly.

2:10 Consulting partners with clients in their turning points to provide objective information about their aptitudes, giftedness, and passions. It is difficult to navigate through these turning points alone because it is challenging to be objective enough to see our lives and giftedness with clarity. There is just no comparison to actually having to perform works samples to find out objectively what your aptitudes are.

Clients I see are often at these common turning points: 

  • Moving from high school to college
  • Moving from college/graduate school to the work world
  • The Age 30 Assessment
  • The Midlife Assessment
  • The Empty Nest Transition
  • The 50s Assessment
  • The Pre-Retirement Transition

The key to each turning point is approaching it positively and proactively through the development and implementation of a personal vision.  A personal vision is a way to see and plan your future.  The key is starting with objective information about yourself, and then thoughtfully and prayerfully integrating other important factors, such as your values, family, passions, skills, and work motivators, into a creative mix.  This helps you create a powerful vision that is unique and personal to you.  Researchers have found repeatedly that a personal vision based on real and objective information is the one factor most predictive of a person’s success and happiness.

Through a powerful combination of industry-leading assessment tools paired with directional and review sessions, I can help you create a grounded personal vision to address your turning point with confidence.  I can help you discover that place where your passion meets your “personal success DNA”—your distinctive hardwiring—to lead to a new, invigorating direction while fitting into the practical parameters of your life.  We will explore together the critical areas where your natural aptitudes and abilities intersect with your personality type, interests, skills, passions, work motivators, and values.  The insight into your unique make-up and design generated through this process will help you discern how to address your turning point and move forward in directions that will be most fulfilling and successful for you, personally and professionally. Visit the Work with Me page to learn more.

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Our Services Help Clients:

  • Discover their unique gifts, strengths, and natural talents
  • Choose career paths and majors they will love and thrive in
  • Develop more confidence, so they can achieve their goals and dreams
  • Get clear on which direction is the best direction for them to take
  • Save time and money by setting a solid direction for education choices
  • Discover their purpose and passion and live intentional lives of fulfillment and satisfaction
  • Determine next steps in their career paths through career development training
  • Uncover strengths to provide solid, objective direction utilizing industry-leading tools
  • Find greater overall satisfaction in life through life coaching and career path development or transition

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