Why Work With 2:10 Consulting

2:10 Consulting offers certified aptitude testing and other industry-leading assessment tools coupled with individualized mentoring and training in career development skills to help you find that “sweet spot” where your giftedness, core personality traits, and deepest interest intersect. By providing you with objective information about your unique hardwiring and design paired with directional mentoring, I help set you up for success and equip you to take your next step with confidence.

Why do clients work with me?

1) I help my clients save money. As the cost of college education continues to climb (up 1,210% in the last 30 years!), it just makes financial sense to base the decision about which career path or college major to pursue on solid, objective information. Just as most people wouldn’t buy a house without having a professional inspection done, a decision about a college education is a major financial investment. 2:10 Consulting provides solid, objective information and valuable, money-saving direction through my “whole person” consulting approach.

2) I help my clients head in the right direction. Knowing which direction to head to, greatly improves the chances of reaching your desired destination. 2:10 Consulting empowers clients with critical, objective information about their strengths, interests, and aptitudes gathered by using industry-proven assessment tools. This information helps clients know with a high degree of certainty what types of advanced education or career choices they are most likely to enjoy—and therein find the greatest success.

3) I partner with my clients taking a more personalized approach. Interactive discussion is a key component of the 2:10 Consulting assessment process. I want to get to know you as an individual and use the aptitude assessments within the context of who you are as a whole person to provide you with individualized information and direction.

4) I equip my clients with critical career development skills in addition to providing certified aptitude testing. 2:10 Consulting’s approach of combining aptitude testing with personalized mentoring and training in career development skills is unique in the marketplace. I equip my clients in a wide variety of career development skills such as job market research, networking, and interviewing, so they are able to move forward in their careers with confidence.

5) I come from a positive, faith-based position. While I work with clients from all backgrounds and beliefs and take my lead from them as to whether to bring faith into our discussion, my clients appreciate knowing that my frame of reference is that they have been uniquely created for good purposes and all I discuss will be positive.

6) I help my clients save time. 2:10 Consulting was born out of the desire to bring all the benefits and critical insights of aptitude testing to Oklahoma. I save families time and money as they no longer have to travel out of state to cities such as Dallas or Chicago to receive this critical service. In addition, most of the assessments are completed online, so you have control over the time and place to complete them that fits best with your schedule and life.

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Our Services Help Clients:

  • Discover their unique gifts, strengths, and natural talents
  • Choose career paths and majors they will love and thrive in
  • Develop more confidence, so they can achieve their goals and dreams
  • Get clear on which direction is the best direction for them to take
  • Save time and money by setting a solid direction for education choices
  • Discover their purpose and passion and live intentional lives of fulfillment and satisfaction
  • Determine next steps in their career paths through career development training
  • Uncover strengths to provide solid, objective direction utilizing industry-leading tools
  • Find greater overall satisfaction in life through life coaching and career path development or transition

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